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    El Palmar Residences consists of three towers with high quality finished apartments and several ample common areas next to the beach.

Live at El Palmar Residences

Imagine a place where every time you come near your balcony, you’ll be impressed by the vastness of the pacific ocean. A place where the increased noise is the sound of the breaking waves and the rustle of the trees that are stirred by the wind. Spaces created for you and your loved one’s hapiness.

Better not imagine, play this video and wait for you to become the lead role of this experience.

High View & Low Rise

Types of Apartments

High View Model A

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High View Model B

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High View Model C

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High View PentHouse

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Low Rise Model A

In construction

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Low Rise Model B

In construction

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Low Rise Model C

In construction

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Low Rise Model D

In construction

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Beach Club

Several swimming pools to enjoy unforgettable sunny days,
super volleyball court and secured direct Access to the beach.


Wanna go to the city to go to the movies? In El Palmar Residences you can enjoy your favorite movies in a giant screen in your very own private movie theater

Amenities designed for you

We also have BBQ área, party hall, fitness center, solarium, among many other things, just waiting for you


We live to leave an imprint on people, so that they feel close and helpful, making that difference is our north…our inspiration.

Experience it, feel it, enjoy it

These are not just apartments,
these are the momentos you live in it.