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The challenges of each company vary according to the objectives of each one of them. What is indisputable is that each and every one of them, regardless of the sector in which they operate, is that they want to sell. Without income, companies can not survive. Organizations offer services or products to provide a solution to our customers and thus earn a certain amount of money, the ultimate goal of the vast majority of companies that are for profit. However, does the relationship with the client conclude with the closing of the operation? Does the business relationship end when the collateral has already expired? Or is the relationship with the client forever?

The reality is that companies are running a variety of communication alternatives to make the relationship with customers as extensive and narrow as possible. Why? For the great benefits that come from having a happy customer. They, after all, are the strongest and most efficient sellers we have:

  1. They do not carry a cost for the company.
  2. If they are happy with the solution provided by the company they will be the first to attract their closest circle.
  3. The publicity they can give to the organization has very large (or very damaging, otherwise) benefits, at no cost.

Advertising channels, with the positioning of digital marketing as indispensable, are increasingly larger but simply are channels of communication. The most effective method was invented many years ago: the power of word of mouth. Investing in customers who have already trusted you, regardless of the channel, has tremendous strength and of course, all this translates into new sales and additional revenue for the organization.

At Decuria Group, we understand this as indispensable. Closing a new sale is another stage in the business relationship with that customer. From that moment on, we care for your well-being and enjoyment as part of a benefit for having placed your trust in us. The relationship of our sales team with each of the owners of our developments goes far beyond a simple business relationship. Basically, by the understanding of the company that a customer is forever.

Happiness is based on small details that make the difference Decuria Group –

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